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A-220, Camp Casey, 7th Avn Bn, lower, Nov 1969 (©#062)

A-220 Camp Casey 1970 Tongduchon, Korea

A-220, Camp Casey, Jan 1970 (©#065)

Flight Line A-220 Camp Casey, 1970 (©#176)

Flightline A-220 Camp Casey 1970 OH13G & UH-1D

Flight Line Camp Casey OH-23G, 1969 (©#175)

Flight Line A-220 Camp Casey, Winter 1970 (©#194)

7th Aviation Battalion UH-1D over Korea, 1970 (©#182)

7th Aviation Battalion UH-1D over Korea, 1970 (©#178)

UH-1D 7th Infantry Division A-220 Camp Casey 1970

My Ride UH-1D 1970

UH-1D and me, Feb 1970 (©#082)

Good friend CWO Rick Arkin OH-23G, 2nd ID, Winter1969/70 (©#066)

Transportation Competition 1970

Formation with UH-1B, Korea, Jan 1970 (©#095)

In trail formation UH-1D, Korea, Jan 1970 (©#093)

Looking across the Han River to North Korea, Jan 1970 (©#090)

My “Office” UH-1D, Korea, Jan 1970 (©#089)

Korean Village from UH-1D, Winter 1970 (©#084)

Low leveling up Chorwan Valley OH-23G, Nov 1969 (©#083)

OH-23G and me, Camp Casey A-220, Dec 1969 (©#088)

OH-23G, Camp Casey A-220, Dec 1969 (©#092)

Pretend mechanic, me on UH-1D, Spring 1970 (©#071)

7th Avaition Battalion’s Officer Club, 1970 (©#172)

7th Avaition Battalion, Camp Casey 1970 (©#173)

7th Avaition Battalion, Camp Casey 1970 (©#173)

Home away from home, Camp Casey 1970 (©#170)

The long walk to the latrine on a cold night, Camp Casey 1970 (©#171)

Seoul, spring 1970 (©#191)

Seoul, spring 1970 (©#190)

Seoul, spring 1970 (©#192)

Seoul, spring 1970 (©#189)

Seoul, spring 1970 (©#188)

Seoul, spring 1970 (©#193)

Living on the lake, Korea 1970 (©#186)

Always the reminder that war was not far away, 1970 (©#187)

SSG Dale Malempy (R) Army’s greatest motor pool mechanics, 7th Avn Bn, Dec 1970 (©#064)

Unit Mascot 1970 Contributed by Ray Helmick (© Hemlick 119)

CWO Myers 1970 Contributed by Ray Helmick (© Hemlick 90)

CWO Chris Glass Camp Casey 1970 Contributed by Ray Helmick (© Hemlick 01)

13 Responses to Photo Gallery Military

  1. bob walby says:

    do you remember anyone that was in E co 707th we were the forward maint bn we worked on the hueys,i worked on a lot of the 7th avn bn choppers, but i have lost contact with everyone

    • admin says:

      I too have lost track of most of the men. Twenty five years ago I ran into my crew chief Dennis Crain at the Hillsboro, OR airport. He was flying through on a UH-1 and I was there for the day as a corporate pilot. He was about to retire. I also had contact for a while with our motor sergeant Dale Malampe. Thanks for checking out the website, I have wonderful memories of Korea and its people.

  2. Raymond Helmick says:

    I just happened on to this web site and it brought back a lot on memories. I have several pics with the kids in the mess hall at the 7th Avn Bn with some of the soldiers. If you would like them let me know where and how to send them

    Ray Helmick
    A Co., 7th Avn Bn (Jan 1970 until Dec 1971)

    • dittle says:

      hi raymond,
      i happen to bump into your post of the dates. i was lookimg for the orphanage i was at around that time. i am trying to find any history of my background since i do not know anything at all. it has been a bumpy ride for me and still am to this day….


  3. Edward Wayne Abrao says:

    Bob Walby, I remember you. I Know we were in Korea together. Then I think fort Carson Colorado. They sent a few of us south to Taegue. Not sure But I remember you talking about driving across Texas with know sleep. As I recall you were a tall blond haired kid. Your name sticks in my mind.

  4. Marion Beaumont says:

    I was assigned to the 7th AVN BN during the period Aug 69 – Aug 70. I served as A Co Commander during the first part of my tour and later in the Battalion Hqs. I enjoyed seeing the pictures and to pick out some old faces I remembered. I have a book, (like a year book) with many of the same pictures plus many more. I plan to dig it out and have a walk down memory lane.

  5. Westcott says:

    I was in E Co 707 Maint BN at Camp Casey 1964 – 1966. We had tow parts to that Co the other one was a Red Cloud. I have a lot of pictures. I would LOVE to hear from any one that was there at this time.
    Tom Westcott
    124 Hodgman Ave.
    Fairmont, MN 56031
    Phone 507 238-4818

  6. Westcott says:

    I was in E Co. 707 Maint Bn 64-65 at Camp Casey Korea. Our Co had two parts the other was at Red Cloud, From Korea I went to Fort Benning, and in 1965 -66 -67 Went to Vietnam in the 135th Avn Co 14th Avn. BN Love to here from any one.
    Tom Westcott
    124 Hodgman Ave.
    Fairmont, MN 56031

  7. Ralph Kingsbury says:

    I was in the 7th Admin co from Dec ’68-Feb ’70. We were just across the wall from the Aviation Bn. Except for the last 6 wks when the new concrete 4 story barracks were completed we lived and worked in those Quonsets. Only the main HQ office was a concrete building.
    A special place. A special people. Proud of America’s role in making South Korea a free and prosperous society.

  8. Bill Laughlin says:

    Very neat to see the orphanage pictures and Mr Kwak. I was the officer collecting on paydays for the orphanage for the 122nd signal battalion. We spent most Saturdays either playing with the kids or taking Mr. Kwak or his son to the town to buy rice or veggies with the soldiers donations. Was also there when they got their hot water heater for their shower. Your unit also flew me up to Hill 754 on Thanksgiving to our radio site on a scarry landing postage stamp. Good job.

  9. admin says:

    I remember landing on Hill 754. The orphanage is now gone and its in a modern developed area now. Mr. Kwak passed away in 2000 and his son was murdered by a mugger in New York in the mid 70s, after moving there.

  10. Ralph Kingsbury says:

    I was at Casey fro Dec ’68- Feb ’70. 7th Admin right across the wall from you guys. My sister and brother-in-law adopted a girl when he came home in ’71 and then twin girls in ’73. My time there is with me always.

    • admin says:

      I’m glad you found the site. Was your niece from Yang Ju Child Care Center? My experience at the orphanage was the icing on the cake for my time in Korea and I often think of it too, especially during this tumultuous time. What I find amazing is the transformation that Dongducheon (as its now known) has gone through. High rises, commuter trains to Seoul and freeways. I haven’t been back but have watched it on Google Earth for many years.

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