Photo Gallery Color

Thanksgiving for orphanage at Camp Casey 1969 (©#081)
Thanksgiving Dinner with orphans, Nov 1969 (©#061)

Thanksgiving Dinner for orphanage Camp Casey, 1969 (©#079)

Thanksgiving Dinner race with Yang Ju orphans 1969 (©#068)

"Stop and Go" game during Thanksgiving Dinner 1969 (©#080)

Thanksgiving and Cracker Jacks, Nov 1969 (©#087)

Lets play catch, Spring 1970 (©#070)

Children at play, Nov 1969 (©#085)

Time to play, Spring 1970 (©#069)

Kim Jin Up, Spring 1970 (©#073)

Lets play school in orphanage, Spring 1970 (©#072)

Mr. Kwak at dedication of new orphanage building, Aug 1970 (©#078)

Ice cream anyone? Dedication of new orphanage building, Aug 1970 (©#077)

New orphanage building, Aug 1970 (©#074)

New orphanage building, Aug 1970 (©#076)

Kim Suki in new orphanage building, Aug 1970 (©#075)

One last goodbye and going home, Oct 1970 (©#060)

A sad day saying goodbye and going home, Oct 1970 (©#059)

7 Responses to Photo Gallery Color

  1. We are vary interested in finding out the current states of the orphanage and if there are any opportunities to adopt.

    Please let us know what we can do in making a difference!

    • admin says:


      Thanks for your interest but Yangu Child Care Center has been closed for many years. My website is a tribute to the founder and the many who served, but mostly to give the orphans a glimpse of their past.


  2. Shelly Lovegren says:

    I just discovered this site after a google search of the name of the orphanage where I came from. I am almost in tears as I look at the pictures! Are there any from fall 1975-summer 1976? I was brought there on Nov 20, 1975 after being found abandoned in Dong Doo Chun Town (according to the paperwork). The name they gave me was Dong Sook Lee. If this site is still active, I would greatly appreciate any information!

    • admin says:

      It always warms my heart to get replies like your and that’s why I put the pictures online. We adopted a family baby in 1998 and our daughter has known who her birth mom is since she was 4, and is only a phone call away if she has a question. Unfortunately, for most of the Korean Orphanage adoptees that is not the case. While I don’t have the skill set to help you find your birth parents I can show you a little glimpse of your past and hopefully connect you with others from Yang Ju.

  3. Earl S Chambers says:

    FamilyTreeDNA offers a Family Finder kit that will help you find relatives.
    (This is not an endorsement of the test by the Administrator)

  4. Dea Pearce- Whang Soon Hee says:

    I was adopted in 1959. Came to the US at age 2.5, May 18, 1959. I would love to have photos of a past hidden away and lost. My heart just breaks as I look at the photos of the “last day…”. Where are they now? Did they get adopted? Was their life a good one? I can only hope and pray that each one did indeed find a forever home filled with love.

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